Future Light-Attack Aircraft / IFF


Advanced, Long-Range Identification: Friend or Foe

RI&S’s AN/APX-114 interrogator represents the most technically advanced, compact and lightweight interrogator available for airborne, long-range and shipboard IFF. With its capabilities of identifying aircraft, vehicles or forces as friendly over a 120° field of view, and to determine their bearing and range from the interrogator, aircraft are able to operate seamlessly throughout international, civil and military airspaces. RI&S’s IFF operates in cryptographically-secured Mode 5 and its flexible open system architecture facilitates plug and play upgrades.


Rapid positive combat ID and increased safety

1,090 +/- 0.1 MHZ [Transmitter]
1,030 +/- 0.5 MHZ [Receiver]

System Capabilities
Mark XIIA / Mode 5 / Mode S / ADS-B / Legacy

>50 different platforms including all F-15 variants

>10,000 [APX-119], >1,200 [APX-114], and >15,000 [KIV-77] installed base for U.S. Department of Defense and international militaries



The first ever all-digital RWR, RI&S’s ALR-69A, dramatically enhances survivability through improved real-time situational awareness by providing accurate identification, lethality and azimuth displays of hostile and friendly emitters.