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Joint Precision Approach and Landing System (and Expeditionary variant)

JPALS is a differential, GPS-based precision landing system that guides crewed aircraft to safe landing aboard carrier and amphibious assault ships in all weather and surface conditions.

eJPALS is the expeditionary variant of the JPALS system. Rapidly deployable, it provides aircrafts precision guidance to a variety of landings in any adverse weather condition, low visibility or challenging terrain, day or night. The system provides straight, curved and multi-segmented approach capabilities. It can support up to 50 different approaches to touchdown points within a 20-nautical-mile radius of the system. These points can then be switched within seconds.

Both are cyber-secured with anti-jam protection.


Software-based precision landing guidance for ship-based and expeditionary operations

JPALS — F-35s, MQ-25A UAV and any aircraft with carrier and amphibious assault ship landing capabilities

eJPALS — Platform agnostic

JPALS is operational on U.S. Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth and ITS Cavour

eJPALS has completed demos for the U.S. Marine Corps

eJPALS coverage

20 nautical mile coverage


Multiple touchdown points